What you need to know for Guided Trips and Rentals

Rentals and guided trips are highly popular events. If you make a reservation or register for a guided trip, it is recommended you arrive at least 15 minutes BEFORE the designated rental or reservation time.

What to wear?

Foot wear: We strongly urge all participants to wear foot protection for all of the activities that we offer. Cayuga Lake is very rocky and you never know what is going to be on the bottom. You may need or will decide to get off or out of your vessel. So it is best to have something on your feet so you don’t cut yourself on glass, or a sharp rock, or a submerged branch, etc. Flip-flops are better than nothing, but water shoes, teva-type sandals, or old sneakers are the best options.

Yes – You will get wet!

Other items to bring:

  • comfortable clothing that can get wet (no cotton)
  • sunglasses (polarized are best for protection on the water)
  • sunscreen
  • clothing layers appropriate for the temperature
  • sun hat
  • drinking water (at PnM, we prefer reusable water bottles, such as Nalgene or Kleen Kanteen.)
  • snacks
  • dry bag for valuables (we also rent them for $2 each)
  • towel
  • did we mention – FOOT PROTECTION!