Standup Paddleboard Lessons

Experience the serene waters of Cayuga Lake and enjoy the gorgeous views and local wildlife of Myers Park or Taughannock Falls State Park from your Paddleboard.  This peaceful flat-water sport connects paddlers to the natural environment, promoting connection between mind, body, and spirit.


Check out our CALENDAR to find out when lessons are scheduled.  To learn more about how to progress through the sport of paddleboarding, read the course descriptions below.

Spaces are limited to 10!
Payment must be received 24-hours in advance to hold spot.
All lessons include kayak/canoe/paddleboard and necessary gear.


Are you interested in paddleboarding and want to get on a board quickly? Quick-Start Your Standup Paddleboard is designed for the absolute beginner.  This lesson is all about getting you familiar and comfortable with the sport of paddleboarding.  This flatwater 2-hour lesson will teach you all the basics to get started paddleboarding: proper board handling, launching of the board, stance, balance, board movement, basic strokes and maneuvers.

Cost: $35 with board rental or $25 with own board
Time: 1-hour

Introduction to Standup Paddleboarding

This 2-hour lesson is designed to introduce and expose you to the skills and knowledge necessary to enjoy the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding in a calm, flat water setting.  Through this introductory course, you will learn the history of paddleboarding, the proper clothing and footwear, and board terminology and handling.  You’ll also learn the basics to get started paddleboarding: water launching from the shore and dock, balance, stance, paddling strokes, techniques, and maneuvers, turning, rescues and more. Beginners welcome!

ACA Level 1 Skills Course
Cost: $45 with board rental or $35 with own board
Time: 2-hours
Includes 1 complimentary 2-hour rental – complimentary rentals are not transferable.

Essentials of Standup Paddleboard Touring – For those day-trippers out there!

Are you interested in advancing your standup paddleboard skills and want to learn how to enjoy the waterways through day-trips?  Bring a lunch, bring a friend, and participate in this 6 to 8 hour lesson!!! This lesson is designed to develop and refine the skills needed to paddle effectively and efficiently in conditions where wind, waves, and current are present. In this advanced clinic, you will learn more about the different styles of standup paddleboarding, the proper clothing and footwear, and the gear necessary for going on a day-trip. You will also learn and work on board and paddle control and improve paddling strokes, techniques and maneuvers for long-distance travel.

Prerequisite: For this clinic, we will be paddling further distances and will experience wind and waves. Participants should have experience with flatwater paddleboarding. Quick-Start or Introduction to Standup Paddleboarding are recommended clinics to take prior to participating in this clinic.

ACA Level 2 Skills Course
Cost: $95 with board rental or $85 with own board
Time: 6 hours
Includes all paddling gear, snacks, bottle for water, and the essentials for paddling on the water.