Kayak Lessons

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You don’t have to have any experience to join this 2-hour introductory class. This lesson is a fun and easy way to get started kayaking. In this class you will learn about kayaking safety, equipment, launching and landing, and basic strokes. This class is geared for all types of kayaks, from sit on top and recreational boats to touring sea kayaks. Beginners are welcome.

Equivalent to ACA Level 1 Skills Course
Cost: $45          Time: 2 hours
Includes 1 free 2-hour rental to practice


This lesson will refine everything touched on in the introductory lesson and brings in some higher level strokes and maneuvers to really increase paddling skills. Focus is spent on edging, more advanced strokes, core rotation and efficiency though the water.

Equivalent to ACA Level 2 Skills Course
Cost: $65          Time: 2.5 hours


What would you do if you accidentally tipped over your kayak? How would you help someone else back into their boat if they tipped? This lesson will help participants feel safer and more confident on the water. Participants learn and practice self- and assisted-rescues, and develop strategies for dealing with different situations.

Equivalent to ACA Level 2 Skills Course
Cost: $65         Time: 3 hours

For details about private lessons and the cancellation policy, please visit the Lessons/Programs page for an overview!